Our hackathon–Girls In Tech Hackathonon–focuses on the curation of ideas and pitching.

Girls In Tech Hackathon is organized by ThisisCS2021 its a hackathon designed for middle and high school female-identifying students, from diverse backgrounds and skill levels. Our goal is to create spaces where all students are inspired to learn new skills while collaborating on innovative projects and also we strongly believe that every idea is the solution to a problem.

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Pallavi Kumari

Pallavi Kumari

Judging Criteria

  • Problem Solution Fit:
    Is the problem well-defined? Is the solution a good fit for mitigating or resolving the issue?
  • Originality & Impact:
    What is a novel about the solution the team has proposed? Has it been done before? What will we learn from the solution that we didn't already know before?
  • User Experience:
    How easy-to-use is the application? How elegant and engaging is the user experience and design?
  • Functionality:
    How functional and well-implemented is the prototype demo. Does the code work?

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